I am anticipating and full response from at least Fred and Bif to this question so here goes.
When I met Bif earlier this year at Stafford we briefly talked about the VF1000R model and I learned that there were at least 2 models of the R. Can someone help me please with the model progression from start to finish and the main technical differences / benefits (or otherwise) ?

Thanks in anticipation

Hi marmite,model progression follows the F model.
the E shares crankcases and uses similar heads to the FE,the RF shares FF components with the RG having only a change in livery.
Colour schemes were red white and blue on the RE,blue white and red on the RF,white and blue with Rothmans decals on the RG.
The RG also has an oil cooler a la F2,possably some later RFs as well.
The improvements made on FF models like cams and stronger primary gearbox shaft plus 2nd and 3rd gears are also fitted to the RF and G
Fred will have more im sure
Regards Bif

Hi Martin,
As Bif said, there are two main sorts of R, say RE and RF/RG.

-The RE are the R equivalent for the VF1000FE with short camshafs, black clip on handle bars, plain side covers, single screw lower fork tees, unmachined black upper tee and black wheels. In most european countries they have the dual front headlamp later found on the VF1000F II.

-The VF1000R F and the VF1000R G are quite similar. Nevertheless, there are a few differences between RF and RG let alone the colour scheme.
While they both have the twin screws lower fork tee, the VF1000RF have black wheels when the VF1000RG have gold ones. I have seen VF1000RF from Switzerland with black painted machined upper tee that were reputed to be original while the VF1000RG all have gold ones with aluminium clip on. Both have vented “grill” side covers.

Some american VF1000R F don’t have an oil radiator (in fact a VF1000F G engine with cam gear) although all the VF1000R F european ones I know do have a radiator… All the VF1000R F have red lower fork legs while the VF1000R G are black.

Furthermore, the fairings are very different between the VF1000R E and VF1000R F / G.

Many thanks gentlemen. I knew I’d get the definitive answer from these pages. So in theory, I’d be best to look for RF / RG 's with their wider cams etc. I much prefer the Bol Dor style twin headlamps as well.
The trouble I’m finding is that the advertisers only stipulate the year of thee bike and not the model number.
Don’t worry - I’m only dreaming but the prices do seem to have levelled off for these bikes don’t you think ?

Han,levelled off the top side of 6k from what I’ve seen

Hi, Martin,
you can get a very good/near excellent one here for £4000/4500. The trouble is with the left hand drive but it takes only a few miles to get accustomed… :-X

Ho Ho. I think that Indian sun has been getting to you Fred. Time to come home mate.