VF100FE 1984 rear shock linkage seizing 40psi air

Its now desired on a lovely bright and sunny day to stop me riding my UK Motorcycle as the road tax runs out End December
I am certain the pro-link linkage has seizing pins/Bolts so the my conclusion is a re grease with copper slip is imminent.
It looks pretty strait forward but anyone done this and any advice would be helpful.

This is the only part I have not needed to touch but you know the saying what comes around *******

I look forward to fixing this pronto


I would try lowering the preload pressure before starting to strip anything.
I run 37psi for my 16 stone 7 pounds bulk.
Unless you are a good bit heavier than me the preload will lock your suspension up.
Regards Bif

Cheers Bif
Think I am 20 st but am decreasing due to health problems but getting lighter every day and feeling healthier
Checked the pressure with a new pressure Gage and it was 40psi but its really not moving like it use to so that’s why I suspect the bushes in the pro link suspension not being greased in 30 years and the only part that I haven’t stripped yet.
Will take out the rear wheel first,maybe the left muffler ,remove the air from the showa shock and see whats next to get to the bolts
Its now outside covered up ready for when I get motivated on the next sunny dry day


hi windy,
from my recollection pin (9) is the one that normally seizes up, it often seizes solid to a point where it actually spins within the swingarm, they can be at times a right nightmare to remove, the retaining allan bolt (23) is often seized too… On another point though, i haven’t seen one bad enough to lock the swingarm solid.

thanks for the advice
now just waiting for it to stop raining
Looks like a FUN job indeed.(from Stargate SG1 )