Vf100ff for sale

Hi, I have a vf1000f that I may be selling. Ive owned it for almost 10 years, 5 of which it was riden daily. It has been offthe road now for several years as I dont have the time to apreciate it anymore. It is run up several times a year to keep it alive.

As I would like the bike to go to someone who loves these bikes what better place to try.
Would anyone be interested on your site??
Im open to offers!!But wont be giving it away. Im not after making a quick buck so dont tell me to go to e-bay!!! I would rather keep it in the shed for afew more years.
There are a few problems with the bike. Fork seals are weeping, exhausts system is close to giving up but is still serviceable, rear tyre below limit, also the fan switch is u/s fitted a manual one and never got around to fitting a new one and theres afew minor scuffs and scratches as would be expected.
Anyway thanks for taking the time to read.

How much?
07872 912 593

Hi Guy’s
I have just picked up this bike from Tim and a very good example it is to.A credit to the way he has looked after it over the last ten years.Tim is real decent guy who loved his VF but just no longer used it.It will be very well looked after in its new home in Milton Keynes along side my other VF’s.I have two tyres to change,a battery and fork seals for the mot.I will also treat it some fully synthetic oil and a new filter,set the valves and balance the carbs and we should be back on the road to catch the last of the summer.I will post pics as soon as we back on the road.Cheers Al.

[I will post pics as soon as we back on the road.Cheers Al.

Sounds great, look forward to seeing the pics, if you need help posting them here let me know…