VF500F2 valve timing


I have recently stripped the top end of my 500. When it came to reassembling the valve gear I had previously noticed the Honda manual had been overwritten ( see image) and so I had made my own notes and photos to “ensure” it went back the same way it came out. I’m now having no luck in starting her up and suspect my ineptitude at getting this right. Can anyone point me to the right web site or post a photo of a clear and reliable explanation of how to do this job please. :’(



You haven’t got it so wrong you have clouted the valves?
I have done it for the 86 engine and its really straightforward when you have the right manual.
I can maybe send you the pages of my manual if you like.
Oherwise I found this link useful too


Thanks Jeremy, no the valves don’t “Clout” the pistons. I’ll see if I get other sources of information before I register on that site ( bit reluctant to load all my details onto another club site)
Thanks again


That web page has the updated pages from the Honda Service manual, which explains it pretty well.


Jeremy, I have tried registering with that web site ( lots of tries) but just cant get through and / or understand the last of the “verification” questions. >:(


Try this link for the 4 updated pages of the manual.
4 new photos by Jeremy Robinson


Jeremy, that’s wonderful. Many thanks for taking the time and effort to do this for me. I’ll be back out in the garage today to investigate where I (may ) have gone wrong.

A very grateful Marmite.


No problem. Good luck with fixing it up.


Just finished timing up the 500 school engine,I followed the same principle as the 1000,TDC on 1/3 and throw all the cams in.
I suppose it can get a bit confusing with the multiple marks on the cam sprockets but I didn’t find fault with the manuals description.
Hope you have got to the bottom of it by now Martin
Best regards Bif


Thanks Biff. TBH the 500 got swiftly taken off the bench just after I wrote that last post because my sons VFR 400 NC30 suddenly took precedence (I just do as I’m told) so I’ve not tried again to start her. I have however re-sprayed the fairing and cut my own blue decals to fit.
Shouldn’t be long now before I return to her and with Jeremy’s later manual, get things sorted.