VF750 Shaft

A friend of mine is considering buying a VF750 Shaft Drive and asked me what they were like but I know nothing about them. Anybody out there had any experience of these ? Any do’s and don’ts ? Things to check on after you’ve kicked the tyres ?


That would be the VF750S. The first of the V4s in 1982 or 1983. The bike that coined the phrase chocolate camshaft. Other than that I know nothing about them other than they were buck ugly. I think they only lasted a year and then the F model came in. They were selling them for new for many years afterwards because they were not popular.

Hi Marmite,I built one of these a few years back and found it to be a bit of a dark horse.
Yes this was the model that started the cam saga off but any still running will have been modded long ago.
Loads of electronics on the dash,shaft drive and a rather slick 6 speed box.
This thing is no slouch but being as long as it is the handling takes a bit of getting used to.
Usual checks required,top end should be quiet and tickover smooth,no leaks from the carbs(as much as a pig to work on as the VF1k) and regardless of miles check the underside of the swing arm as they are prone to rust through.
All in all a sound bike even if the style is not to everyone’s taste.
Regards Bif

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Thanks Biff, that’s a more constructive response. The guy who asked me the question is going to be at Stafford so I / we can tell him and see if he’s gone ahead away.
Hope to see you at the weekend.


Got one with only 2k miles from new on it.
Great bike, a bit marmite looks wise, but i personally like it. Not as quick handling wise as the 750f, but still doesn’t handle too badly.
Fantastic engine too, and the 6th “overdrive” gear means the engine isn’t at all stressed when you’re cruising.
The self cancelling indicators take some getting used to, and i like the dash a lot. Lots of information and tools.

Looks cool I want one but need a bigger garage

They sold a lot more of them in the US where it was known as the V45 Sabre. I think it still has quite a following over there. I will admit it has aged rather well in the looks department or maybe it’s just me getting mellow in my old age.

The v4hondabbs forum is pretty useful for FAQs and the like.

I have owned an eight two vf750s for many years. It has some limitations on stock suspension and ignition.
That said it is my favorite bike in the garage.

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I’ve had one from new bought in 83, although it is a late registered 82 model. Still think it is a great bike, smooth and comfortable.


I’ve been riding them since 82’. I currently have an 84’ US model that I think is a better bike. It has standard gauges without all of the sensors. The best thing to do to them is Progressive brand fork springs and mod in a Honda CB1100xx Blackbird rear shock. Here’s the adaptor I made for the Interceptor. The Sabre adaptor is the same except for the eye mount at the bottom. IMG_20210222_085724438 I’ve also got the sport touring set up with the fairing and saddlebags.IMG_20181003_115638543_HDR