VF750 vs VF1000 parts

Does anyone know if the center stand on a VF750 is the same as a VF1000?
Also any idea if the exhaust from a VF750 would fit a VF1000F?


I’m not 100% sure but I would definitely say the exhaust from the 750 will not fit the 1000, and because the collector box is perhaps different that means also the stand might not fit between the two. Billy is the man who will know the 100% correct answer!


I think my age is catching up with me,I missed this question before I went on holiday.In short no and no.Tim had a 750 collector which he was trying on his 1000,it was smaller physicaly with smaller pipes.The stand for a 1000 is designed to clear the larger collector fitted to the 1000.Better late than never I guess,hope this is of some help BIF

Thanks Bif, I did have the option of getting a full VF750 exhaust and center stand fairly cheaply but didn’t end up going ahead with it.