vfr engine in a vf???

Just a thought, does anyone know if its possible to put a vfr750 engine in a vf 1000??
If mine goes I would do this , they are fast and have no troubls.

Also I was woundering if anyone has a black and silver vf1000fe A reg that originated in east yorkshire, it could be my old one, I sold it to chap in Hornsea in around 1993.??

Hi Intruder

I’m in same situation, but not with my F2, she have a healthy engine with only 55kkm, no, it’s my VF750F who is around 96kkm. Both bikes have RC15 frames. I bought an engine from some youngsters, who was trying to make an ATV or the like, but chrashed it right after they started it.
It’s a RC36 VFR750 engine.
I tried to compare the most important points, and allthough the RC36 is almost 1" wider, i supose the frame can be pressed that much out. Rear fix point seems like the same.
But also the wiring has to undergo some modifications, as the ignition system deviates (Only 1 CDI, but 4 ignition coils), and most likely the exhaust as well.
I read an article some while ago, but can’t find it again, from a chap who succeeded in the mount, including some pictures. I’m looking for that stuff again.
I will keep posts here, if and when I begin the project, which should be this winter. But it might come to an abrupt final, if the frame will need excessive mod’s. Than I better rebuild my old RC15 engine.

But would be nice to hear if others here had some experiences, or hints?

Hi mate, it sounds like it could be a big job but I will watch with interest, my engine is fine and has only 22000km on it, I was just curious, I guess I could put a late vf1000r in it as I think the later models had better oiling to start with, the trick here will be to keep high quality oil in it and change frequently, I had a vf1000fe in 1991 and I went to donnington with the wife ,on the way there it purred like a kitten, on the way back it developed a tick ,by the time I made the 1.5 hour blast home it was sounding like a high speed pile driver, £200.00 later it was fine again,chocolate cams as they were known then but still I loved that bike.

I made a stand of whatever steel bars from under my work bench was available, and got the VFR750 mounted in normal position, and installed a cooler.
Took a day to work out the wiring, and then I fired up the engine, on free exhausts. Oh man! When the engine idles, small blue flames comes out, for sure, that’s not some ordinary 280 degrees cam’s in there! Sounds more like some 310 degrees or more! Really, the sound was quite comparable whit an idling top fuel engine! But not exactly as loud!
We have some fine, but cold weather conditions this time, so I still takes the bad 750F out for some awesome rides. I really like the behavior on that bike, with the 17" rear and 16" front wheels. She’s begging for more speed in almost every turn.
But will post more when I have started the project.

Well, I stripped the old enginge, and got it out of the frame. Not just that easy, but far easier than getting a RC36 engine in[:(!]
I got the new engine up, but need now to widen the frame for the aft cylinder head around 1". But worse, it seems like the back mount hole dont fit. I need the entire engine something like 1/2" more to the back, in order to get the right side engine cover (Starter clutch) free in the main frame.
Not even one of the old mounts seems to fit. I wonder if it’s worth the efford? No problem, I’m a stable welder, and can easy weld new mounts to the frame, but the idea of making my bike that much different from original, worries me. I mean, I could buy a RC36 quite easy, no problem, but the RC15 is where my heart belongs.
I’ll chew on the probelem for some days, and see were it ends u![B)]