VF's for 10 years & Moving on!

Hi Guy’s,
Well time has come and I’m moving on from VF’s.
I’ve had three in 10 years with the best the 84 VF1000FE fitted with the RE motor!
It’s been moved on to another VF enthusiast who will be doing the old girl up once again.
I’ve had a wonderful time with many rides and trips around Australia as well as the track days pushing later model bikes around and even showing them up from time to time.
My latest ride is a 2014 BMW S1000RR as I’m trying to get a few more track days under my belt before I’m too old and can’t throw my leg over the seat.
I’d like to say thankyou for the great web site and all the assistance in the early days and also for the friendship across hyperspace on the web.
Well keep spannering those VF’s and have fun & be safe riding them as well.
Paul F

hi paul, your spanners will probably be redundant now ;D

good luck.

Good luck in your new venture. I hear nothing but good things about the SRR.