Virginia International raceway (trackday)

Gonna tape up the VF1000f and make a few laps. Honestly, it will be more of stretching the ole’ girls legs. A few pictures and watching my son and a few buddies mix it up on the 600’s.
Once I learn the picture posting process. I’ll post a few from the event.


Picture posting is pretty easy, if you are on a pc or laptop - just drag the picture into the post - et voila.



Had a great day at VIR. Temps were in the mid 90’s and 100 percent humidity. The Honda ran with zero issues all day. I was very pleasantly surprised with the Bridgestone BT45’s. I had decided to go out on 26f 28r cold pressures. The north course at VIR has lots of elevation change. No match for the modern machines , but still tremendous fun.