vjmc show lotherton hall 2014

Its the annual vjmc show at Lotherton hall, leeds. Sunday 27th august, should be good for a few hours entertainment… anybody going… (More to the point… is there anybody there lol)

:-[ :-[THATS THE 27TH OF JULY …not august :-[ :-[

Lotherton 2014

Hi Pete probably wont make the meet had bike all together and running was just setting the chain and wheel alignment when I realised that in order to get the wheels straight one tensioner bolt was wound in half an inch further than the other so upon further investigation and a lot of b*** scratching found that the r side swinging arm mount is 3mm further forward than the left and as this was ok when stripped I am presuming that some plonker at the powder coaters as either crushed it with something heavy or dropped it from a great height on closer inspection there is a slight ding in the swing arm mount so now I have to strip it out and put it on my mates jig then rebuild again now wondering if the bike will get done this year as have put things back to complete it and am playing catch up now

Pete, I presume you mean the 17th of August ? The 27th is a Wednesday.

hi martin, yes ive completely lost the plot… the VJMC show is on sunday 27th of JULY, weekend before the vf meet…

paul… remind me never to join a lotto syndicate with you, i cant believe the luck your having… that vf is determined not to go back on the road… sometimes i think owning a vf is like a fight to the death, the vf wants to destroy its self while the owner wants to save it… anyway keep battling on paul, lesser men would have given up by now…

:-[ My VF1000F G seems to be the exception of the bunch as she’s gonna pass her 100 000 miles without ever having been opened!Even the cam chains are the original ones… ::slight_smile:

hi fred,
yes you certainly have a good one there, i think good maintenance and regular use is the key to keeping these bike running well… One day mine will run right :wink:

Well, what can i say, this years lotherton hall vjmc show is probably the best ive been to, the weather was great, loads of excellent bikes to look round, sadly there wasn’t any vf1000’s entered in the show which was a shame, but there was a mint vf500f2 and a awsome Rc45, also a modified vf750f which featured in “practical sports bike” a while ago, we’ve bumped into that one and its owner a few times at Scarborough and Squires,
I think next year i may tidy the vf up a little and enter it, it won’t win anything, but its the taking part that count’s lol.

anyway a few vf related pics for any one interested.

:wink: and the best 2 vf’s… in the carpark :wink: