VJMC show, Lotherton Hall 27th July

Anyone going?

aye up phil, lotherton hall? is that near garforth,leeds.if so,yes i think ill probably have a run down there,if me and the vf are still alive,…for the last four years ive brain washed my self into thinking the vf is slow (compared to modern bikes) just realised its still very fast.

Yes its about 3 or 4 miles north east of garforth and about the same distance from squires bike cafe near sherburn in elmet if you have ever been, the vf’s are still quite quick not bad for their period but it would be cruel to put a modern bike against it, I had a CBR600 a while ago a think that may have been quicker, unless someone else has compared it?

Its here, http://www.multimap.com/maps/?hloc=GB|LS25%203EB

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Its here, http://www.multimap.com/maps/?hloc=GB|LS25%203EB

Can’t remember if I’m on holiday…if not I’ll come along…[8D]

anyone going?