Voltage reg update

New reg arrived so garage this weekend will check all wire going to altinator as they must be a reason this has happened. As it was the 3 yellows altinator wire that were burnt I need to have a look and see no wires are bared. Any other suggestions welcome.

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New voltage regulator fitted new plug solderd on and all connection’s cleaned and earth at top of frame. If u think I’ve forgot something let me know. Hopefully now ready for scottish trip


Sounds like you got it all covered, just try multi meter on see what figures you get

Sounds like you’ve got it covered Graham, I would have suggested soldering as the best way to keep the heat to a minimum and you’ve done that so hopefully all will be good.

Had bike out a wee run. Well a tank full which was eh £32.50. Fkn rip off.
Volt stayed between 14.4 and 14.5. I’m happy weh that. But as I’ve said before what do I know. Handling well weh my great bulk on it.
I think it’s ready. Fingers crossed


Top man Graham, good numbers on the reg/rec :+1: