WANTED F2 18” Front Wheel

Howdy all,

Anyone in Oz got an F2 18” front wheel and speedo drive that they want to sell. Just got an F2 and it’s had a 16” wheel fitted at front and it looks weird.
Thanks Matt

Hi Matt,
Have you got hold of a wheel yet, should be pretty easy from wreckers?

I did. Managed to get an almost complete bike for $600

Excellent, once the VF virus gets you you’re always searching for just another bit. It’s great having another bike to cannibalise, even if they always seem to wear out the same bits?
Keep us informed of progress

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Thanks Speedygp will do. Have attached a couple of progress shots.

Need to repair an exhaust leak now, coolant leak, and a leaky fork (out of the lower somewhere of all places).

Then clean up the instrument cluster and do some detailing and shes good to go for another 38 years!