Wanted honda vf1000fe

Hi, I live in Guernsey, I owned a black/silver vf1000fe in 1984, followed by a Vf1000rg, both now long gone. Are there any good vf1000fe out there, done a few searches, seem to be a lot of Rs, but its an feim after. Out of all the bikes I have had its my favourite. As I live in Guernsey its a bit difficult to view any that come up


I have an ff if that is any good to you. Details and pics should still be in for sale.

Thanks Roger, but I’ve got my mind set on an FE, good luck with the sale.

You can buy my FE if you wish,£1300,nice engine and gearbox,manual fan switch fitted,new tyres bt45s,carbs ultrasonically cleaned,new inlet carb rubbers from David Silver,oil and filter changed 500mls ago and coolant flush, mot June19,too heavy for me.

Do you have any photos.