WANTED: Joint Fuel intake

Good morning

I am looking for Joint Fuel that takes the fuel into the carbs, 1984 VF1000FE

Any body got on for sale ?

Double check that this is the one you need and let me know

Regards Bif


Give me a few days as I am away with business, to double check…

Will get back to shortly



When I looked at the joint port yesterday I measured (approximately)

Dia - 10.7 mm
Lenght - 55 mm

Hope this could help :astonished:

That’s the one,how quickly do you need it?
It’s the Scottish trip this weekend and I could ask John to drop it off on his way home on Monday

Spot on

No rush so please pass to John and I will sort payment

Thanking you

I will speak with John

It’s a thumbs up from John

Sorry Tuffy,we had some”issues”on our run up north and I forgot to give John the fuel pipe,pm me your address and I will post it down.