Wanted parts for 1986 VF1000r

Looking for a

1986 VF1000R Fairing Stay

1986 VF1000R grille trim that goes underneath the twin headlight.

Thanks, ED

Are you looking to do a twin headlight conversion on your 85R?

Yes sir that is exactly what I’m doing

I have just completed the same conversion without changing the fairing mount.
The two brackets required for the top of the headlamp are a straight swap for the single headlight parts.
I left the existing bottom mount which was drilled and tapped M6 just below the cross tube.
This saved a lot of work and searching for parts.
Regards Bif

Thank you for the info! Can’t picture it in my mind just quite yet but I will start taking it apart tonight to get a better picture. Headlight coming in from Germany and hope to have it next week.

Ok, I received the headlight sooner than I expected and pull off the upper fairing. I have a better prospective of the install. I taking it that you cut off the upper fairing original grille tabs?

This is easier than I thought, of course it has been a while since I had upper fairing off so my memory was a little unclear.

Again thanks for the tip BIF!

I removed the top tabs with a rotary burr and painted the cut sections in black,you can’t see them once the fairing is installed.
Any luck with the lower grill?
Regards Bif

Yeah I’ll probably end up doing something like that as well. No no luck on the grill and I just added those headlight mounts to my list and no luck on those either. Yeah you know how it is with these bikes sometimes you have to wait a little bit before parts come up. At this point it’s just a waiting game.

Hey Bif, what did you do on the headlight wiring for the dual lighs? Did you use any relays.

How long are the bolt you used for the headlight?

BTW, I found the grill in Germany and found the mounting bracket in Denmark. So I now I have completed the list of parts needed for the install. 8)

I guess this is really not a wanted post topic anymore so if a mod would like to move the post to another category I’m good with is.


That’s great news Ed,I think the twin headlight looks miles better.
My plan is to dismantle my bike once I am sure all the mechanicals are up to par and rebuild with a powder coated frame and a wiring harness from a twin headlight bike.
In the meantime I have fitted LED bulbs and run both through the original wiring.
I bought two prewired lamp sockets and a lamp plug,so the whole thing was simple.
LEDs are great to be seen with,but no good for seeing by,but draw less current the the original H4 bulb and won’t burn the switch out.
Best regards Bif

Thanks Bif! I looking into a couple of premade harnesses with relays from a couple of venders because currently I run a 90/100 watt h4 bulb. I would like to add another one to the 2nd light, but running two 90/100w I not sure the system would be able to take it. With the relay system power to the bulbs would come directly from the battery which would provide more efficient power to the bulbs from what I researched so far. I emailed the vendors with my intentions just waiting to hear back from them.

Good to know that you can add another plug for the 2nd light with the stock bulbs which came with my headlight I received recently and will go that route for the time being.
If I go the harness route I’ll start another topic with details and just might do a youtube tutorial for us VF owners. The harness relay system would also work for HID and LED headlight systems.

I use a pair of 35W HID bulbs working together on my VF1000R without any issue so far but I fitted her with a mosfet R/R (shindengen FH020 AA) in place of the original one. Before that, I used a pair of 55/60 H4 bulbs with only the high beam working together. I have the same fitting on my Bol d’Or by the way with the original R/R but as I’m in love with the V65 Sabre, she’s not used very often now…

Hi vf1000f.24, hope things are well with you. Did the led/hid wiring harness on my vf. Shindengen FH020 AA might be another route to look at.