G’day All,

Looking for a set of bar risers for my old VF1000F if anyone has a set they don’t want or need. Prefer at least 2 inch. I’m in Western Sydney, Australia.

Thanks People 8)

William, I was just thinking that you may need longer cables/hydraulic hoses if you move them too much.

Yeah, I would need to get another braided line made to go from the master cylinders at the least. I think the throttle/choke cables would be OK. Either that or trade the VF for a bike with regular handle bars ::slight_smile:

I could always double my dose of pain meds on longer rides ;D

You just need to measure how much slack you have in your cables/hydraulic lines to determine how much you can raise your bars without too much hassle.
Let me know what you end up with, I have an old wrist injury thanks to a Yamaha 490 that prevents me from riding anything that makes me lean on my wrist for too long.

checking the maximum rise and travel at one of the aftermarket bar sites like HELI Bars… They are pretty good at knowing the max they can stretch out of the stock lines.

I noticed on VFRD that one guy mentioned that NTV650 triples fit 3rd and 4th gen VFRs, I wonder if there is a top triple with integral handlebar mounts from an 80’s model that will fit our VF’s?
It would be great to have a choice of handlebar heights etc.
I would much rather use a factory designed top triple than one that has been drilled, through a fairly thin part of the original.

Wouldn’t it be a bastard to be riding along and have the handlebars part company with the rest of the bike?
I guess the other option could be modifying the original to gain some strength, or spread the load over a larger surface area.

I have had a good look at(but not actually measured) my original triple and where the bolts would run through appears to only be very thin, 4-5mm maybe? Has anyone here measured this before? If not I will try to measure it on the bike.

My brother Pat has got a CBR1000F and bought a set of bar risers from the UK at about $300.00 for the set.
They bolted onto the forks where the handle bars bolt onto ours and he said they were for a FVR750. they have caps like trail bike handle bars which he fitted and now he says it is like a trail bike but different. Believe me, he treats it like a trail bike sometimes and this thing does feel the part. I sat on it and was most impressed, if i had the money i would get a set. they have all sizes and you just need the outside diameter of your forks. i will try to get the name of the place from him.

These may also work? https://www.helibars.com/product/match/1518