WANTED starter idle gear for VF1000F2F bol dor

Hi. I’m still looking for a starter idle gear and wondered if anybody had one please. I have attached a couple of pictures, it’s the one with a 20 tooth small sprocket and has the tapered edge that protrudes out from the back of gear. I know i’ve posted this before back in February but i’m sort of stuck without it. Many thanks.DSC_0018

To increase your search parameters, that part number (28101MB6000) is used on the US VF1000F and VF1000R too.

Hmmm… this one is 20T, but it sure looks like it is sitting flush on that surface, not raised like that boss on yours would make it.

I looked up VF1000F2-F on CMSNL for the part number

Hi captain. Thanks for your input :+1: I have already purchased one which was supposed to be that part number and off a compatible model but that didn’t have the boss and had 21 teeth which makes it a larger cog. I think all bol d’Ors have the same. The person I purchased the bike from had changed the starter, so I’m assuming he damaged the existing one fitting that. I’ll just have to patient :thinking: thanks again mate.

I will be off work Thursday onward and will have a good look in the store,there should be one there
Regards Bif

Appreciate it Bif :+1:

After cross checking part numbers for all VF1000 years and variants,the starter gear is common to all.
image image
This one is from an RE motor I am almost finished and is identical to the one in Johnboy’s BolDor which is currently undergoing surgery.
So I will have a spare.PM your details so we can sort price and delivery.
regards Bif

Hi Bif. That’s brilliant thanks. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to PM someone on this site :thinking: please advise.

Just click on my Icon and you are there

Hi Bif. Sorry about this but I cannot see a way to PM you. When I click on your icon there isn’t anything that allows messaging. Can you PM me first and I reply?

Crossy, are you signed in? When I click on your icon, there is “message” in the upper right.

Hi. I don’t get that, i’m afraid. Perhaps I don’t have the permissions?


If all else fails Email me bif@vf1000.com