Wanting 1000F Petcock

Hello Brothers, Anyone in the UK got a useable petcock for my 1000F? Mine leaks when on reserve.

For the sake of 40 quid just buy a new one from David Silver spares.

Yes i know but its 50 quid including VAT plus postage :grimacing: I am from Yorkshire as well :grin:

Have anyone tried Allballs petcock repair kit? Seems to have all the parts…

I’ve seen the repair kit, but in my case there is a small bit of alloy damage to the face of the reserve circuit which means that the triple O ring won’t seal in the reserve position. It’s not really a problem as long as I fill up before that! :grin:

Tig weld and file it down.

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Pablo can you tig weld this for me!:wink::grin:20200613_123326

Andy I may have a spare one though no idea if it leaks, it would need a new triple o ring gasket though i may have a new one of those as i bought one last year and then bought a new tap and it came with a new gasket. I will have a look and see what i can dig up.


Cheers gaz, I’m just going to try an experiment with modified 7mm modern O rings and shaving down the face a bit. I’ll let you know.

Ok, I’ve found new gasket and I can see the fe tank at the back of the shed but may need to launch an expedition to fight my way across the years of accumulated vf parts to reach it, there appears to be a bramble thicker than my arm growing right across the shed! I’ve been meaning to clean this shed out for about 10 years now as its known in the family as the haunted shed.


Don’t go in there gaz! I’ve sanded enough off the face to get a good seal, So pop a cider and enjoy the sun!! :smiley:

If you insist, I suppose i better get out and enjoy the sun, cider in hand!

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That is not that bad, I thought the damage would be worse. Any good welder could just put a drop there. Than yo can use dremel to get it in shape you need.

But you should be able to seal it with some silicone or as you said some trimmed down orings. Question is if it will leak internally. I have 3 orings trimmed and installed and reserve and on positions seem to be the same now.

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Yes, I bougt All Balls repair set (inner parts) for my VFR 400 and it works well. For the UK http://www.nrp-carbs.co.uk/ might another source (cheaper P&P).

These sets help if the inner 4 hole rubber part is damaged.



Merci pour l’information. J’ai réussi à réparer moi-même le robinet


A man of many talents Drew,your with me on my next French trip

Thanks Bif, but it was all Google translate! I only managed CSE grade 4 french :joy: :joy: