Was it worth it?

I’m now 1000 miles in on the Bol,and I’ve been reviewing some of jobs done trying to assess if the time/money spent was worth it.
Having ridden both Bols on the trip I have to say that the brakes are a massive improvement.
So what was involved?
First off the discs,brand new and semi floating by Braking.These are readily available on the Internet as are the venhill braided hoses which come with stainless banjo bolts.
New genuine Honda piston and pin seals were fitted to stainless pistons and pins.
Finally HH ebc pads and race spec dot 5.1 fluid finish the job.
The caliper bodies were cleaned in my ultrasonic bath and then assembled using rubber grease and silicone grease as appropriate.

Total cost SCARY!!!
The stainless bits were a steal at £28 per caliper and are fit and forget
Regards Bif

You sound like you’ve completely uprated them properly Bif. It may have cost a bit but having good brakes is ( obviously ) important but also there’s something very satisfying using a good brake when you know how crap it was before.
My FF fronts are now much better than they were before although I still wouldn’t regard them as “awesome” - just “satisfactory”.


Everything is relative Martin,I was aiming to have the brakes as good as new,but have ended up with them being a bit better than that.Not in the same league as the Blackbirds obviously but a fair improvement.
Regards Bif

Having fitted new discs and HH pads to XPX and am changing to 5.1 fluid I am hoping for an improvement too. You are right about the stainless pistons too, even after 5 years they are perfect. :smiley: