Water pump O ring

Any know what size the o ring for the vf1000f water pump is? No one has it, even cmsnl. It can’t be reused, and not too crazy about the “silicone solution.” Thanks.

I haven’t figured it out yet, but I used Hondabond (I hate silicone) on a VF1000R with zero issues. Carefully removed old hard o-ring and laid a bead in groove, reinstalled o-ring, coated again and bolted cover back on. Nice squish out but not excessive.

The genuine water pump O ring is shaped, and as you say unavailable, I used to just buy normal ones, I cant find any in the garage, nor can I find where I wrote the sizes down, I’m pretty sure they were 83x2mm though.

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So. Never did find the right o rings. However, I found this…

Now, before you scoff and chuckle, I tried it. Took about four days for the silicone to dry, and I had to (very carefully) cut the vinyl hose away. But its been two months and no leaks. Not a drop. This works.

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