Water Pumps

Just noticed that the VF1000 water pumps are discontinued, has anyone had a crack at rebuilding theirs?

Also wondering if pumps from other models are suitable?


On American forum is a guy, who has done it, and he is now testing the results. If it works, he might begin to rebuilding them.

I thought someone might have, I’ve had a look at mine and found the integral bearing/shaft assembly is available


and the seal is also available

12 - 28 - 7 (dimensions)

The blade looks to be pressed on, so it would be a matter of removing the blades, press the old bearing/shaft out, press in a new bearing and refit the blades somehow.

Do you know the name of the guy who is doing it?

He is LEW51 in the US forum. I can PM you his email, if you wish

Thanks Pekka, that would be good, what forum is it?

Came across these guys while hunting the net for V4 stuff, they rebuild your own water pump or you can also buy the bearing kits to to your own.


Sorry, did not answer the question for some reason. The V4-market guy is a mamber of US forum, and that is the pump rebuilder I mentioned. The forum is http://v4hondabbs.com
BTW, I rebuilt the fuel pump of my VF1000 using point set for Africa Twin (and many more bikes) from Wemoto. Exact replacement.

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Ah, that makes sense then, I did try to join that forum but registration is closed and I didn’t receive a reply to my email asking to join. Oh well…