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Thank you for the invite.

G’day from Downunder, everyone!
Nearly 20 years on, I have returned to the VF1000R fold after picking up a 1984 “E” that has been sitting in a shed for a long time.
Everything is there, except the cover for the radiator cap…anyone got one?
The plastics are all going to need a respray and I will have to get the seat re-trimmed.
Perfect self-isolation project!


Thanks for invite.

Hi Sonic,
how did you get on with your project?

Has been in the Workshop for the last 2 years! Painting has been completed and some mechanical stuff done but I ran out of time and space and sold it to the workshop. $16k is about the right price! :confused:

$16k sounds like a good price?
Hopefully it will reappear on this forum with its new owner?

Really nice bike brother​:wink::ok_hand::wrench::wrench::nut_and_bolt: