Well she is now in the warm for winter

gave up getting her on the road this year due to carpel tunnel in my hands and hurting
my foot building a 17 foot and 13 foot wooden garage so my recording studios can make money next year
but can still work on the recording room cos its got its roof and shiplap on the outside.
looking forward to next year
shit what a hard year its been
then to seal the deal my HD 56" computer tv JVC tele bulb popped :slight_smile:

Just 1" left its a squeeze I measured it twice

Safe and sound

Nice bike!

;D Soon as the weather gets a bit warmer I will remove the carbs yet again to fit the new float needle valves and seats, hopefully that will fix the leaking two left carbs
The handling should be awsome as last year I fitted a new YSS shock not even tried it and that should be all for now
roll on summer 8)

Good one Windy. Iā€™m about to try one of those Vac Bags for my R80RT . Anyone had any experience with them ?