What grade fork oil do you use

Hi All just wondering what grade fork oil you all use…light , medium or heavy…i always use Fuchs, Silkolene oil in my bikes …but just wanted to know which grade is best…


I allways use Red ATF fluid in my bikes and my older brother does in all his bikes in America He is a teacher of transport in Topeka Kansas.
Been fine for Me and he agrees [:D]
Dont waste money on flashy looking oil is my opinion[:o)]

Most ATF is in the region of 7.5wt.I am running 10wt using 10mm spacers on top of my standard springs to get my static sag right.PAJ also uses 10wt oil in the R forks fitted to his FE.It is however personal choice if you prefer a harder or softer front end.Regards BIF

As stated its personal choice but i run red atf in all my bikes[8)]

originally i used to have 15w in the forks, found this to be too heavy for me, so after changing the fork seals and upper bushes this year i changed to ATF. the forks to me seam to recover better and the anti-dive works a treat now weather thats due to the oil or overhaul, im not sure.