What is the diffference between these camshafts?

I was looking thorugh my camshaft stash recently and I have found one that is quite different. Also the gear for the chain looks different. There is also a grove that is missing on other vf1000f camshafts that I have.

Is this the VF700 camshaft?

My guess is that it is a geared one from an R model

I’ve seen the extra grooves before, I had always assumed it was to hold oil,…
The cam sprocket looks to have had its dampers removed, has the holes been machined into slots for cam adjustment ?

This is definitely not the VF1000R camshaft. It does not have the grooves and the end bearing is longer.

The camshaft does not look like it was machined in any way. The one on the right in pictures is standard F1 cam, same length and the cam lobes look exactly the same.

Differences I noticed - the teeth on the camwheel are different. Looks like it could be from a gear driven engine. The stamped marks are also different and I have couple of engines to compare.

It could be VF700 or something from a Magna/Saber engine. VFR750 has 4 cam lobes so it is not the one aswell.

Someone will please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the 750 and 500 use a lighter duty (and quieter) timing chain? The cam on the right looks like a vf1000. The other appears to be for the smaller engine.

I did a quick google search and VF500 use camshafts different to the one I have shown on the left.

This looks like to be HONDA VF 750 F INTERCEPTOR (VF750F RC15)

The camshaft on the right is a stock VF1000F1 camshaft for reference.

I am tempted to install it on a VF1000F, just replace the gear. Have anyone tried that?

I would say that both the cams are vf1000f, I have some f2f ( longer cams) with the extra grooves in, someone may correct me but I’m pretty sure the 750f cams are slightly smaller all way around,
The sprocket with no plastic dampers on looks to me like a early model cbr1000f cam sprocket.20210124_201420


Is it possible to get measurements from both camshafts? I’m curious to see how similar they are.

Which measurements?

The gear wheel with the square teeth are for a hyvo chain as used on the 750 the pointy toothed one is for a roller chain as per the 1000