Whats happened to this site ? Fred ?

This site seems to have died ? I,ve been checking in over the last week but no-one has put any new threads or even replied to old ones. Surely us guys in the northern hemisphere have stories of summer rides on the bikes we love.

BTW - Fred in the Dordogne - please read your pm’s.

hi martin,
yes its been a bit slow for a while now, everybody must have there vf’s sorted.
Ive been busy with work and trying to give the ff/fe project a big push forward, ill be posting some pics up in next few days, hoping to get it oil and water tight this weekend, and if i can find some tube to repair the exhaust, started up very soon…

yes fred… read your PM’s, myself, martin, and possibly phil, (and anyone else who would like to tag on) are thinking of invading france with the vf1000 road show, sometime next year… ;D

I’m Here watchin, its just that I have 50meg fibre so its in and out lightning speed.
My Vf1000fe is running now but I am suffering major joint pain and its raining so when it gets better and me I will be riding again soon
Have at last convinced my dad to allow Me to fit him 2000w solar to his roof on a bungleow ,He has a perfect roof direction
15 kyocera 120w panels and a sunny boy SMA sb1700 inverter ( got new for £230 but they sell for £700 cool saving )
must be bargain of the year 8)

There is something going wrong with the PM system as my box is free from message since may7th… So you may use my email: vf1000g24@hotmail.fr or ring/message me on my cellular:33 06 24 68 06 93

Nice project!I’m sure some other members of the V4H80 would be glad to meet you all and it would be a nice international rally!

Well done Pete, Windy and Fred,
You must be right abut the PM’s Fred, I sent that weeks ago.
Anyway, the guys who were at the UK VF1K camping weekend this year ( all 3 of us !) thought we might be less lonely if we latched onto one of the French VF clubs events next year ?

Can you let us know roughly what events with dates you did this year and hope to do again next year so perhaps we could come along - assuming you let bloody English people in ? Obviously the Scots, Welsh and Irish are welcome anyway !!


As soon as I’ll have the date of the 2015 events,I’ll let you know!

Thanks Fred. martin@marmoy.com 8) 8)

“A la louche”* May will see us at “les coupes moto légende” in Dijon; in june we will have our annual meeting may be somewhere around Clermont-Ferrand and in september next year we will meet at the Bol d’Or Classic held at “The Castelet” near Toulon in the south of France.
We may also meet near Paris at the end of june the Iron Rider…

*very,very roughly.

Thanks Fred, that looks great. My personal favourite would be “les coupes moto légende” in Dijon at the end of May. If Pete and Phil plus anyone else from the UK VF want to add their thoughts ?

Perhaps we could discuss one of my French racing heroes from the '70s and '80s - Patrick Pons (RIP)


I’ve never been a fan of Patrick Pons as he was despising us,broke riders riding just for the starting fees…

Oh ??? You must tell me more when we meet up. BTW - my all time Moto hero was Jarno Sarrinen ( Finland )


Does this mean I’ll have to brush up on my French? I haven’t used it in thirteen years! and then it was only to ask for a hotel room and beer ::slight_smile:
Do we need to hire a 7.5 ton truck to carry VF spares? in case we have a breakdown or three. :stuck_out_tongue:

no phil… we’ll need 2 trucks, one for the spares and one for the camping gear :o, going to have a search around on ebay for an extra large can of WD40… just incase it rains ;D

;D Parts for a VF? They never break down except the infamous VF1000F II ! Lot of our members speak a more or less good english and spme of us can speak correctly so no problem and about the camping gear,a tente and a mattress plus a spare pair of socks and under wear is enough !::slight_smile:

Sorry Fred, Pete doesn’t bother with underwear - he likes to go “Commando” ( and I’m NOT talking Nortons here ) - that what Phil has told me anyway.

Most Brits can speak “the foreign” - they just shout louder until they’re understood - everyone knows that.

ho ho ho martin, for anyone thinking of coming to the 2015 vf meet or the french trip, i can assure you we dont sit around talking about each others pants ;D… although i’m told the french knickers and bra set martin likes to wear under his motorcycle gear looks a little over the top.

so then fred… no need for any cooking gear then… just the tent, sleeping bag and change of clothes ect, oh… and some money ?

Well…this should make some great stories! :o

:smiley: Exactly Pete,just some £! (As being an official Honda club,we have a 50% discount on our entries and free camping inside the circuit and you’ll benefit of this) :smiley:
I 'll leave at 11 this morning heading for le Bol d’Or Classic,the weather forecast seems fair,it will be a good week end! 8)

Just back from the 550 miles round trip to the Classic Bol d’Or. Words and photos to come tomorrow…

Bring it on Fred…