whats lurking in your shed

its always interesting to see what other bikes members have lurking in the shed, thought i would post a pic up of my zzr1100, 1998 and in pretty good order, its hard to believe that its 15 years old now and stiil pulls like a steam train…

Looks a very nice bike,Are they more roomy than my 95 CBR1000F.Had to put VF bars on it as it was killing my wrists.I must be getting old at 43.Sold my SP1 as well as it was crippling me.

hi crooky, ive never been on the cbr1000f so couldn’t compare them, all i can say is if you get bogged down in traffic on the zzr it will make your wrists ache, the people who do mega miles on them usually fit bar risers, when your up and running they are a pretty nice bike to ride, well balanced in and out of corners, some people say they feel heavy, but ive never noticed it,
to be honest the cbr1000f is one of the bikes on my wanted list, i never really liked them when they first came out, but now 25 years later they have grown on me… think when ive finished the FE/FF project i may have a look around for one… more garage space required.

as an old bike dealer said to me years ago they are big fat and goes woooooosh ;D

Not a VF or even a motorcycle but still a long lost uncle to the VFK.

Who can guess what this is?

A Honda S600 … :-* :-* :-* A highly desirable little sport car.

Well I didn’t think anyone would know what it is!

:-[ You know,Tony,I’m an ageing Honda fan… :’(

You and me both Fred, it’s not actually mine, this one actually belongs to a very good friend but I am also restoring one exactly the same.
Since we have no salt put down on our roads, they survive for a lot longer down here.
The one I have is in need of an engine and due to the extreme cost of building an S600 engine I have thought about fitting a Honda motorcycle engine since the original was so similar to a bike engine. VF1000 engine? Nice and torquey, more than double the horsepower.

They were an amazing little car, think about this for a minute, a 1965 model car with a four cylinder, four carburetor, twin cam, roller bearing crank with a redline of 9500 rpm but would willingly rev to 11000+ rpm. The only competition price wise were Austins, MG Midgets, Triumphs etc.

You can really tell Mr Honda was a motorcycle guy at heart!

Sadly with the rarity of parts and the lack of people who can rebuild a two stroke like crankshaft, as in the con rods do not split, I simply can’t justify the cost of rebuilding the original engine…so while admiring the VF1000FF in my garage, I had a thought…

hi tony… its a S600 honda, oh bugger >:(, fred beat me too it…i guess theres no prizes for second place… ;D

im only pulling your leg… i thought it was a volvo :o

I keep this for Continental blasts and the odd wild weekend on Scottish Highland roads

I do like my Honda’s Bif

nice bike that bif, ive always liked the styling of the blackbird over the zzr,

Lurking in shed;
CBR1100xx, 06
VFR750FR, 94
VF1000RF, 85
VF1000RE, 84
CB1100FD, 83
CB900FB, 81
CB900FA, 80
CB750FB, 81
CT110 postie
A couple more Bolor 900’s

A fine collection of sought after bikes, are they all up and running or restorations in progress.

This is how my garage looks at present

triumph tiger 900 '94

honda vf1000 ff ( 500 euro challenge bike )

honda vf 1000 f ( partsbike )
triwasuki caferacer project ( triumph trophy tank ,kawasaki gpx600 frame and engine,suzuki gsxr750 front en back suspension and wheels and brakes )

i would have more but the shed is too small already !