wheel and shock conversion

Well managed to upload a photo or two of the vf ready for its first outing with the wheels and shock of a cbr600

Very nice!

Wow, that’s a good looking bike!

bike looks great with those wheels on, would be interested to know how the rear shock feels, ive got a early model cbr 600 shock (steel clevis, not aluminium) which i intend to use on another vf project ive aquired.

[/img]I have fitted a f4600 shock with the remote adjuster

The open space between the rear wheel and the tail section makes it look much less heavy, I think that is what I like about the early bodywork. My 85 is quite “slab sided” in comparison (and nowhere near as pretty cosmetically)and the wheels look great.
Which model are the wheels from? They look like the original forks, but the brake rotors are obviously from a later model, was there much work making them fit the caliper spacing?
Cheers, Tony

That is one sweet looking machine - congrats!

Hi the front wheel is a f2 600 rear f3 6oo 5inch rim the brake rotors are nc 30 400 they bolt straight on with no mods to the calipers/mounts the rear brake is f3 with a mod for the torque arm

I think your bike is worthy of some of my legendary photo-shopping, any chance of getting a full res image? Email it to paj AT vf1000.com :slight_smile:

Really neat that is,how much is the rear ride height raised by with the cbr shock?

Those two guard dogs will stop anyone thinking of “borrowing” it !!

A beauty and worthy of noting the technical info.


When we made the shock extension we made it 12mm longer than a stock shock so it lifted the rear a couple of inches,Took her out tues the difference in handling is like night and day
really flickable thro twisty turns

Thatll be because youve reduced the rake on the front forks and loaded them up more, so with a 16" front wheel that should turn very quickly.

But the front wheel is now a 17inch front with a 120/70/17 tyre