Wheel conversion

A few months ago I ordered the wheel conversion kit from Daugherty Motorsports for the VF.

Yesterday, I picked up my newly powder coated CBR600 F2 wheels.

I am now quite excited.

I’ve ordered new wheel bearings, dust seals and a set of 120/70/17 front and 160/60/17 rear Pirelli Diablo Stradas.

The Stradas are tyre I know well and trust, so I thought would be a good base line to judge the modification.

My bike already has Wilbers-reworked forks and a Wilbers 641 shock, so it is pretty good in that department.

It also has a Blackbird front brake master cylidner and braided hoses all round, so this last mod should make it about as good as it can be without going the full graft-on either end.

Now all I need is some time to actually fit the damn things :slight_smile:

Wish me luck.