When is a boldor an "R"

After a conversation I had with a member a few weeks ago who was at the TT the year that Geoff Johnson won the production class on the boldor, a suggestion was made that the boldor was fitted with a “R” engine for the race, and that there were a number of wisperings going around the paddock at the time…
I didn’t think much of this at the time but yesterday I was looking at the photo on Geoff riding the vf to victory on the front of the Web site… has anyone noticed that the gear linkage is on the wrong way up… you would only fit it that way if you either like to go up the gear box by pressing down on the shifter, or its an “R” engine…
Now I’m not in anyway trying to diminish the achievements of Geoff or honda. After all hurling one of these beasts around the Isle of Man is some feat… but it makes you think though .

Jonathon Creek would be proud of you Pete…

well spotted Pete,in truth most racers use the 1 up 4/5 down setup on the gear lever.
Unlike us mere mortals these guys change up in bends,not something you can do if you foot is trapped between the road and gear lever.
It’s not impossible that an R engine was used but with an increase of only 6 BHP over the Bol I wonder if it would be worth the effort,why not use an R and gain more on the aerodynamics?
Regards Bif

From memory he pranged the 1000R the day before and all they could get on very short notice was the 1000F.