Where are the Yanks ?

I`m intrigued as to why no / very few guys from the USA come onto this site as members. I assume most of these bikes must have been sold in the US and yet we seem to only have members from, Europe, and Aus ( plus Canada ?)
Have they not yet realised the beauty of these machines. After-all it was people like Freddie Spencer who raced these to some success mainly in the States. Come on guys - lets hear from you.


They are all on vfrd.com[:)]

Hello! Greggo (or often on motorcycle forums I’m just Cept) here from the USA, Cincinnati ohio in fact. Just found this forum today as a matter of fact, while searching for info on the unknown to me (and most americans, likely) of the VF1000F2 sport tourer. Never was imported here, you see.

I alas do not still own a VF1000R, but did, an '85, and have been hooked on V4’s since, having owned the 1000r, a 500F, an '87 VFR700F2, and a '99 VFR800 (current). I’ve owned plety of other bikes, from T500 Zook and RD-based vintage racers, to Triumphs, Ducatis, BMWs and others. Did a bit of racing on a RD400 engined TZ250 back in the day(mid 90’s). Spend excessive time fiddling with odd bikes at my pal’s shop, called Autobahn Craftwerks - he specialises in BMW ‘airhead’ restorations and specials.

Look forward to learning more here.

To be very honest I havent seen any other vf1ks’ other than mine! My wifes uncle owned one in the 80s, and even e-bay and cycle trader only has one or two for sale in the lower 48!! I believe people that had/have them dont realize how rare they Re in the US, I bought mine for under $400! The guy said he was tired of trying to find parts and just needed the room in the garage!

Welcome Ceptor800, hopefully we can learn from you too!

Good to hear from you guys from over the pond. The VF1000s seem to be just starting to pick up on prices here. I have a theory that bikes / cars that are getting near 30 years from when they were last made is when people start to think theyd like to own them and bring them back to life.
Did the VF1000`s / Interceptors sell in any real numbers in the states or did they bomb after the cam shaft thing ?


Re the soft cam problem, this really only applied to the VF750 series of bikes I think and not the 1000 series. I owned a small Honda dealership back in the 80’s and all we ever changed under warranty were VF750 cams.

Red-blooded, true blue Yank here! I picked this beauty up April of last year and racked up about 4000 miles over the summer…

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