Where are you, Brits?

Hello Brits! After the Brexit the Forumxit? None of you on the net for a while! I’ll have to renew the auld alliance with Bif! ::slight_smile:

We are still here fred… Other than a massive political shake up, everything is exactly the same over here in blighty…

By the sounds of things Fred,Scotland will be building a bridge over to France(with Chinese steel of course)and rebuilding Hadrians wall to keep the non Europeans out.
This is my busy time of year so I’m struggling to get any garage time at all,even getting on here is an effort.
I have arranged with Pete to drive down to his for a bit of a parts swap but as yet have not had the time.
Things will ease off after the holidays and normal service will resume I am sure
Regards Bif

Its probably best to keep all the political stuff light hearted, but i had heard rumour that miss sturgeon has plans for a “cumbrian canal” to cut england off from scotland, which i think is absolutly terrible… being a builder and working for the oldest stone masonry company in existance, now featuring on bbc2 “the hairy builder” i would much rather go with the wall idea ;D ;D
In all seriousness, im for the Uk to stay in tact, i dont fancy having to fetch my passport to the next scottish trip ;D

I do not like the idea of having to get a passport to sail to UK and I was realy sad to see my ex “hometown”, Peterborough, massively voting for brexit…

Fred, i do hope the uk and europe remain good neighbours in the future, I for one am still up for some kind of french vf meet, and your more than welcome pop over to one of ours, after all we are all bikers

Don’t worry folks, once Mr Trump rules the world we’ll all have much more serious things to worry about. :o