Where to start!

In garage for 17 years…where do I start
1986 VF 1000R

If you don’t know -> eBay :stuck_out_tongue:

Check if gas tank has no leaks …

Pray you stored it with empty carbs.

Turn engine manually. With gear via rear Wheel or remove alternator cover.

Fresh gas, new Batterie. Bridge fuel pump Relais to fill the carbs. Check oil Level.

Start engine. If it runs. New oil and filter

Rework all the Brakes, new tires, full service …

Just remember, loads of these bikes still get used regularly so if it was OK when it was stored up, it can be made OK again. Just be prepared to open your wallet :wink:

So tank does not leak. I dont know if i ran it until it stalled. I know the carbs were not drained :-. I appreciate all advise.

replace cooling fluid as well, the fluid runs trough the frame and some chromed tubes, old fluid does not stop or prevent rust , the fluid i had taken out was brown like coffee with milk. did a flush 3 times, now the waterpump makes a little wistling noise because the po didnt take care of the old fluid and kept it running with the rusty water.
i did an oil change and filter , and i have allready droven 500 miles without any problem,
its a very nice bike to drive, lots of torque, i can make wheelies easy . feels as strong as a new bike.
also new tires where a huge difference in handling, , from a poor steering and cornering bike into a verry precise sportbike.
i have now 5 bikes and some of them are a lot faster , some are slower, but the vf1000f is my favorite bike .

No cooling liquid through the Frame … but coolant replacement is needed. And use anti corrosion additive.

Check also front fork springs (maybe replace seals). Mine were under Service Limit.

Remove swing arm and clean and put fresh grease on all bearings.

dont forget to put air in them like i did ::slight_smile:

Thank you All! Looking forward to more good advise


I am just like you as I got my 2 VF 1000 F and FF a few weeks ago :wink: :slight_smile:

I bought them as I like challanges to wake bikes up after 16 years…(both were sleeping since 16 and 10 years).

What I made:
Step 0: Cleaned the whole bike and removed the fairings all around to have access to the engine, etc…

  1. Cleaned the fuel tanks from rust and filled with fuel
  2. Changed the fuel pipes
  3. Changed the fuel filter
  4. Checked if fuel pump works
  5. Changed the spark plugs
  6. Removed and changed the air filter
  7. Bought a batterie
  8. Checked the carbs visually (they were visually OK) from above while removing the air filter-box
  9. Tried to start them…

The one: VF 1000 FF started after several tries, but it was a hard job… smoke everywhere from both exhausts… but with some fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank, they got a bit cleaner and started to work 80% OK.
I have to let the engine work and give some time to the system to clean itself. I will probably use some carb cleaning fluid later and I may synchronise the carbs also… but it works :slight_smile:

The other one: VF 1000 F, 1984 did not start easily. I used carb. cleaning fluid and engine starter spray directly into the carbs from above (air filter box removed before as written). She started :slight_smile:
Unfortunatly the seals in the carbs were gone and I had to remove the carbs, clean them and change the sealings. Now it is fine and I have to check the other parts…

Greetings from Germany

I just finished bringing an '86 VF1000R back from the dead. Had been sitting for a few years and was given to me for my birthday. Nice gift! By the next evening it was setting on jack stands and parts spread across the bench. Sent the body work out for total rehab and paintwork. Rebuilt carbs with DynaJet kit, adjusted valves, replaced all cover gaskets & seals. Rebuilt forks, brake calipers and master cylinders, clutch slave and master. New tires, chain and sprockets. New stator and voltage reg and Barnett clutch. Since the Yoshi exhaust was what was on it and nice OEMs are rare, I rebuilt the Yoshi mufflers with new outer cans ordered from an online metal company. Shortened the cans 1" as I thought the originals were a bit long. Converted all lights to LEDs as it definitely saves the charging system. This was a six month process and not counting all the labor I put into it, I have invested nearly 5k into this project. But I enjoy this bike more than any of the others that I own. I’d be happy to help if you need advice or part source info.

'82 Honda CBX
'86 Yamaha V-Max
'87 Honda CBR1000F
'04 Honda RC51 Nicky Hayden


That is a fair amount of work!

Well done, it looks a cracker now.

Question though, where did you gett he new stator? I suspect mine to be weak on my FF.


Stator is a Rick’s Motorsport from Parts Unlimited #2112-0387. Cover gasket from eBay since OEM wan’t available from Honda