Which front end is this?

My second donor bike has these front forks and mudguard.
What model as the title is 86?

The second photo is a 85?

85 and 86 are the same. Maybe from a VFR or any other Honda … 120/80-16 and 120/70-17 have the same diameter and both are 120mm wide.

Cheers for that.
I was wondering about the front mudguard

Forks are RF/G,mudguard is from model unknown possibly aftermarket.
The forks are the same for both models apart from the finish,85 in fighting red and 86 in black

Front guard looks to be Suzuki bandit

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That front guard looks very similar to a CBR 1000 F front guard i bought fitted on CBR front end of a RE bought a while back. Mine is almost the same red shade as original R.