Which oil type

Hi guys going to do an oil change on my newly purchased bannana, just wondering though which type of oil to use, in my old aircooled suzuki’s i just use 10/40 mineral oil and change regularly, do the VF require semi synthetic or is mineral oil better, know the synethic oils can cause clutch slip in the GS. Thanks in advance. Wayne

just use the recommended from Honda
old tech engine old tech oil, Hope this Helps

I use Millers 10-40 semi synthetic.I buy it in 25 ltr drums at a time as i have three VF’s to keep going.Never had any trouble.

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yep its semi synthetic 10/40 for me too, change yearly (normally about 1500 miles), im not a oil tart, i just use whatever my local bike shop is selling at the time,

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Cheers guys, local Wilkinsons had good deals on Semi so will be off there for the weekend.