Whitby to get some chips

On Sat 12 of July ride out to Whitby for some chips by the harbour. Cracking roads up that way.

Start Squires cafe in Sherburn 10 for half past…

Need to get new forks in the bike now…committed.

hi evensive,
sounds good to me, i can do any of the days but Sunday would be my preference.

Would love to join y’all but have a family do on that weekend, enjoy…

Pete, Sat only for me now, family commitment on the Sun.

Weather dubious at the mo, but that could change.

Will PM you later in the week.

saturday is ok with me, ive got to take my FE in for its mot first thing saturday morning, if it passes i will be on that, if not i will be on ff, should be able to meet at squires for 10.30 or just after,
have spoken to philjo and he’s ok for satuday too.

the Whitby run will now be next weekend, Sunday 12th July, set off from squires 10.00 to 10.30ish

Edited the first post Pete. Jobs a good un :slight_smile:

Sounds like a brilliant day - too far North for me though at the moment…

We want photos! (some chips would better though! :wink: )


Hi evensive.looks like it’s just going to be 2 for whiitby.

Ok mate, see you tomorrow, putting new forks in the bike today ;D

New exhausts ordered…

Finally managed to get myself organised, so Whitby tomorrow (19th july) set off from squires at 10.30…I just know its going to piss it down >:(

Pete its pissing it down LMAO.

Turned out to be a good day after all, the rain delayed the start a little, but this was soon forgotten once the vf’s were chugging around the stunning north Yorkshire country side, managed to get some fish and chips in whitby and not get mobbed by sea gulls,
Its a good job evensive knows the roads around north yorkshire, i would have been lost in no time,
cheers matey.

Guess we finally sussed out where the nearest loos were…

Great day enjoyed it. 250 miles with only three mishaps: pelted with rubber on the way to Squires when a mobile home had a blow out approx 25-30 yes in front of me; nearly dropping the bike off the stand whilst showing Pete how my tick over had disappeared; minor incident in Thirsk centre when a large tractor nearly ran into the back of Petes bike.

Waiting now for the next event…

DOW… ::)… classic, after eating my fish and chips i decided to go looking for the toilets, walked all way round the harbor to the train station with no luck… obviously i was looking in the wrong direction… cant believe i didn’t see that sign… it was obviously the fish and chips that disorientated me ;D.