Who is TEAMBIF Productions

Since Discovering this forum a few months ago,thinking I was the only one that had a vf1000fe I have had loads of help with locating parts from loads of members to name a few BIF,PAJ,Crooky,I sat here tonight and wondered Who Teambif was ?
He must be connected to the site but how do I find out how.

I now have found 99% of the parts needed having replaced the complete front end not including the front wheel.

I just wondered who bif actually is.

Lloyd in Norwich

I just wondered who bif actually is.

It’s a good question, I’ve heard he is 7 foot tall, can cut metal with fire and rebuilds Japanese motorcycle engines in his sleep…

Think he was in Back To The Future…[:o)]

yeh all he think about are vf,s it,s in his blood

He must be Japanese as he seams to live and breathe VF motorcycles

Some say his skin has the texture of a radial tyre, and that wherever you are in the world, if you tune your radio to 88.4, you can actually hear his thoughts… all we know is, he’s called TEAMBIF.

Sounds like He could be the new Top Gear STIG