Who's riding now?

Just thought it might be interesting to find out how many of us are actually riding their VFs at present. A lot of the owners bikes on here are ‘works in progress’, like mine fr’instance. So who’s actually out and about using their VF regularly, and for how long? Did you buy a runner or is it a rebuild? I just wondered how many VF’s are out their in regular use? To start it off, I bought a complete bike plus spares 18 months ago, running(sort of), with a view to restore it, and it’s now in 1000 pieces spread all over my garage. I hope to finish it over the next 12-18 months, funds and parts permitting. So I own a dismantled VF!![:I]

Hi, mine is road legal but after sorting out some gremlins this weekend I have not been out on it to give it a try yet, bought for spares for my other project (needed the engine) it was approx 90% complete, I decided to complete it as it stood and restore as I ride… that was the plan anyway,

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the other is still a basket case with the frame blasted & painted and waiting for rebuilding (still needing an engine) but I have considered modifying it in some way, streetfighter or cafe racer look maybe, I used the plastics on the other VF1000, I know where there is another VF1000 with the gear driven engine so I may consider buying that one as well…

hi scratcher, mine is taxed,tested and insured. have owned it for about 17 years,been unused for last four years,my intension was to run it this summer as an every day bike, then restore it this winter.unfortunatly its sat in the garage with the wireing loom split apart whilst i ponder my next move. have just bought my self another ride, so i could see the vf turning into a part time play thing.

Update…10/09/2008…all electrics back together again,been out done about 60 miles,all ok…got home, fork seal gone…pissed fluid all over caliper and disc…marvelous.

I bought BolD’or four years ago as a runner, drove first summer, and the dismantled it during first winter (we do have long winters here). Bike was repainted, many problems fixed, but I managed to have it in driveable condition in second summer. After that usual maintenance (oil, tires, adjustements etc.) in winters, and driving in summers. I have the 750S in my garage under construction, and when it is ready, I may have a look at the engine of BolD’or, it has 90 000 km in clock, some more will come next summer.

Bought my FF 3 years ago as a runner, then it developed a problem which turned out to be the ignition switch. Now working up to doing the top end oil mod, have the kat and the tap, just need the right size drill.

Just hoping the exhuast comes off ok.