Why did i sell these !!!

It was sept 1983, i was riding a white cb750 f2c, my cousin had a vf400fd, i was impressed with the smoothness of the motor, but desired more poke.
Open MCN AND there it is my new bike, vf1000fe.
Down to local dealers ,order a red/white blue one for april 84 deliv.
sods law, dockers strike in Guernsey where i live,April came and went
fINALLY AUGUST arrives and i get a phone call it`s here.,but there is a slight problem
says the dealer, they have run out of red/white/blue. It is black silver, YUK
i thought. Until i saw it that afternoon, i was in love, it looked so mean, well i thought so in 1984.
What a bike to ride it had so much torque. I kept it till 86, when i traded in for
a VF1000RG Rothmans.Had it for a year then wife came along and that was it.
I remember when i had the rg, the cbr1000 came out and i took it for a demo. I honestly thought there was a problem with the demo bike as it was so flat upto 6000, or so it felt after the VF.
SO, i am looking to get another, i still have the frame numbers of both bikes, can i find out if they are still going


Stonkin photos sirata…[8D]

Great story and great pics of the bike!

If you have the registration number you can see if the bike is still insured here http://www.askmid.com/

The DVLA will no longer give me the info on numbers of bikes in their database free of charge but in 2005 they listed about 130 FE’s in the UK with only 50 on the road.

Have to say I love the black and silver too…

saw this on you tube and remembered this post, if you listen carfully to the comentry i think the vf does just over 13 seconds and 117mph, not sure of the distance, probably standing quater mile,
sounds well though… just like a fv should


wish my bike was that quick …

OH! is that what they are supposed to look like? the ‘HO’ looks nothing like that.

That looks beautiful. Did MR HONDA ever release colour scheme specs?

Might have to paint the ‘HO’ that colour scheme when it comes due. (probably WELL overdue actually)

He got down to 12.13, and was quickest of the say, the sprint in Guernsey curves at the end as well !!!

I love the fact that the guy ? standing with the back wheel skid has ear muffs around his neck but never uses them ! I assume he`s got ear plugs in or are they all that “tuff” in Guernsey