Why VF ? Why do we love them

Question to all

Why VF ?

  • The sound ?
  • The torque ?
  • The handling ?
  • The looks ?

What make it tick so well… :frowning:

Well, having been a fan since the beginning: the looks immediately knocked me out, and the first ride provided enough all of the rest of the things you mentioned, in addition to relative comfort, wonderful powerband of the 360 degree powerband, to set the hook which has lasted for 35 years. After putting on over 60,000 miles on that VF, I moved on to VFRs (including the other 360 degree V4- the RC30).

But after ~30 years I got another VF1K in 2014 and for some almost inexplicable reason bought another couple more in subsequent years. Eventually, even I realized have 3 VFs was a bit excessive lol

And neck arthritis was making the leaned forward riding position an issue, so over the past year they all found new homes :frowning: So this is the first time since that first time that I’ve been without a sporting Honda V4.in the shed.

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Well Pal

You have VF running through your vanes :grinning:

What attracted me to the VF1000 was definitely the sound. I was looking for a bike to ride around while I am building my projects so I listed to some video clips on the internet. The first bike I have seen in flesh had the collector box deleted and was bough on sight :stuck_out_tongue:

I started to fall in love with the look when I stumbled upon some white/blue early F1 with CBRF2 wheels which was ebayed. Showed me the way which I want to build mine.

Another thing that I like is that there are not that many around. Usually I am the only one riding it around here.

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The unique sound of the 360 degree crank, the look, the electric like power, riding position and you just don’t see them around much.
Imagine how many they would have continued to sell if not for the early reliability issues.

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Why? For me:
Lots of grunt with almost no vibes
Something about the V4 power- the way it pulls
Great sound, even with stock pipes
Gives some modern bike riders a shock when you ride it hard with the pack
No brakes to slow you down
Petrol cooling! 200km max range when riding hard

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For me, always loved the whole look / sound thing. This despite being brought up on old Triumphs, then various big Suzis and a Le Mans.
Just got lucky ?!! and aquired a '85 1000 in boxes (aaaaargh, yes I know) BUT in my defence in New Zealand they are a pretty rare beast.
I’ll start putting my adventures in the appropriate section.


I just love everything about that V4 motor.