Wiring harness - 1985 VF1000F?

I am doing a total rebuild of my 1985 VF1000F - is there anywhere I can get a a replacement (new) wiring harness or am I better off just getting the current one reconditioned? Also any suggestions re websites for other parts? Thanks

Cmsnl have one brand new at€160
They along with Dave Silver spares are two of the main ones for genuine parts.
The part number is 32100MB6000
Regards Bif

Thanks mate - that part number is for a 1984 VF. Mine is 1985 (F) Australian import - do they all have the same wiring harness? It would make sense that they would.

It’s also the same part no. As the Canadian FF,didn’t notice that.
The Canuks got a strange mix of a bike with their FF,a lot of FE parts used on it.
The FF harness is different to the FE but if you have access to part numbers it should be no problem
Regards Bif

32100-MB6-630 for the FF UK and Oz model use the same

The only differences between the Oz and UK spec on the FF is the speedo dial. The Oz one is calibrated in Kmh only, the UK is dual calibrated on the dial.

The odometers are different too.

Other than that, the bikes are identical.