Wiring help 84 VF1000

Can’t find where this ground goes…it’s in the same loom as the RegRec,Fuel Pump ect.

Thank you in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum.Its an earth wire for sure and there should be 2 of them fixed to the mounting bracket to the right of your hand in the picture.
Best regards Bif

Hello Bif thank you for your response but those two ground wires are in place already…I have no idea what this wire is image

I’ve look’d over a few Harness’s I have, have no such spare green wire in that area.
Put an Ohm-Meter on it, see if it is a Ground (pure green IS Frame Ground on this bike (VF1000Fe & VF1000Ff)).
Start it up , with a Volt-Meter, see if there is anything on it.
I’ve peel’d back the tape on one harness and was Disgust’d with the workmanship, ended up resoldering, tape-ing, Zip-Tie-ing a few joints;

Can’t believe Honda would do this, so was probably the lowest cost supplier.
Remove harness, peel back all tape, check everything (if ya wanna do it right).
If you’re gonna leave it, put a Heat Shrink over it, so it don’t touch anything.

Weird it looks to be a stock wire for sure and I thought maybe it would ground out to the r&r holder plate…as it will have to wait…diesel soak is next before I can try and start…ran camera down the spark plug holes and didn’t like what I seen so I’ll let is soak and get back to you on it…thank you for checking…safe riding mate !!

This will do for now :heart_eyes:


Hi saw you post i have 1984 UK VF1000FE and took these pictures for you this is the standard wiring un modified except i had to get a new mutli plug housing for the rectifier unit other than this its factory standard and i have looked for a green wire and its not in that loom you have shown ??IMG_20190513_211241 IMG_20190513_211301 IMG_20190513_211311 IMG_20190513_211321 IMG_20190513_211332

Thanks John! Tidy bike you have there mate! Really strange to not be able
To figure this out yet…I’ll touch back in a few weeks let you know what I’ve found

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If you blow the last pic John posted up you can just make out an unused green next to the greens that go to the R/R!

Bif! I see that now…good eye mate…so is this just something standard of Honda from
This time period…also would it hurt anything to just ground it to the back of the r&r mounting bracket…thanks again this makes me feel better…I’ve herd someone else say this is standard…hard to believe a bike
Company (especially one of this size) just have open ground in loom ?

Even i missed that well spotted bif it would have taken a sniper to spot that one lurking there.