Wrong tank or wrong airbox and coils

Hi all.
I’m in the final stages of building a vf1000re that I bought as a project off ebay, stripped down and had frame and swingarm powder coated silver then rebuilt. Started her using tank off my daily ride a vf1000 fe and she started straight away and ran beautifully. Have just come to fit original tank and no go! It will only fit if airbox is removed and coils and even then it seems to be about 5mm too long, there are no numbers I can see on tank but the airbox has hmmb6-af on it and coils look identical to the fe ones. I was hoping to get a full respray next week and have her on the road by end of June. Do I have the wrong tank? And if so how do I know which one to buy, hope someone can help as I’m desperate to get her on the road.


Get some pics up for us Gary it’s difficult to say what the problem is without seeing what you are dealing with.
I take it you have all the tank rubbers in place?
The air box is standard across the range,there is a variation on the intake pipes however but I don’t see how that would cause interference with the coils.
Regards Bif

thanks bif not sure how to post pics, have put them on instagram and here is the link:

for some reason it has cut off the sides of the inverted petrol tank picture, i’m in work at the moment but will take some more pics tomorrow. the only thing i could think of is that the front mounting point has been bent up and forward as the rear can’t go anywhere.


Well that didn’t work! Will try a different photo host tomorrow, work computer is too restricted.


ok uploaded to photobucket, hope it works a bit better this time.

underneath of tank

front mounting including rubber about 10mm past mounting hole.

rear mounting point with rubber. will take a picture of how tank sits if coils and airbox fitted later.


ok on closer inspection it seems to be the tank, though have no idea how you could cause this damage.

the mounting point does not look to be central.

the centre of the tank bulges, it is this that is hitting the airbox and coils.

i presume that the centre is supposed to be flat, the only thing i can think of is that somebody has tried to blow dents out using compressed air and inflated the tank like a balloon! a shame as from the top it looks in reasonable condition for its age.
does anybody have a tank they want to sell? if not its back to ebay, though may try adjusting the underside of tank with a big hammer and a piece of wood first!


Hi Garyb, I own a VF1000RG California US model 23 ltr tank and smaller than the 25ltr UK/European tanks do a google search or I can post a link to the website with pics to show differences ( :smiley: if allowed ).
Mine also has a vent pipe on the front of the tank for the emissions in that state can upload some pics if required.
I may have a tank to sell but it would need treating for rust and not sure which type as its stored away.
The parts manual on here shows the following 4 parts presume for the different shapes and colours.
Hope this helps
(FIGHTING RED) … 5 A ------- 175A1-MJ4-670ZA 2068708
(FIGHTING RED) … 5 AC ------- 175A1-MJ4-770ZA 2068716
(FIGHTING RED) … 6 A ------- 175A1~MJ4-870ZA 2300036
(FIGHTING RED) … 6 AC ------- 175A1-MJ4-890ZA 2300044

Thanks tex, not sure if you can post links but you can pm me with them. Just looked on ebay and not a great deal there. Are you in the UK? If so please post pic of tank as I really want to get this bike on the road as quickly as possible. Thanks.


hi gary,

seen this one on german ebay, i think its too much money for the condition but theres a nice pic of the underside of the tank which may give you an idea as to how yours should look


Thanks pete, as I suspected the raised piece going across the tank should be level and not going to a point like mine. Will try knocking it flat and see if that helps but making it shorter could bemore difficult. The price for that one is too high but the ones on uk ebay are in worse condition and not much cheaper. If its for a vf1000 r the price seems to double! Will look on japanese auction site jauce but delivery is very expensive.