WTB needles and holders


I am looking for new or very little used carb needles and needle jet holders for -86 R. Part numbers are:
needle: 16131-MB1-871
needle jet holder:16165-MB0-771
I have already searched usual sources with little luck (one holder in Netherlands)
I do not know if it makes big differense, after engine swap I still have F2 carbs, jets are changed to R-model’s jets. Or should I go with Dynojet kit leaving F2 needle jet holders?

Hi Pekka,needle jet holders are the same part number as the F2 item,so a dynojet kit may be the easy way forward.Regards BIF

Hi, and thanks for comment. The engine is US specs -86 R, and according the parts fiche all needle holders should be same as F2’s rear carb holders. I am gonna go with Dynojet kit, according listing it fits both F and R-models. I am probably on safe side then, the old needles seem to be slightly worn, and I can feel a small step in the needles with fingernail.

Hi dnapekko, would you be interested to sell original size jets? I noticed that somebody had replaced mine F2 with 110 size main jets… no wonder that she stalls…

Oops, too long time since I have been reading the posts… I still have the original jets, if interested.
pekka piste koivu miuku finnlog piste fi is the email I read daily.


Hi, I got problem solved by replacing jets and adjusting floats - thanks for reply anyhow.
br. Sami