WTB: VF1000Rg bearings

Hello from cold Finland, -26 Celsius this morning.
I am overhauling a R engine for My BolD’or, and the bearings might be a problem. Others seem to be available, but outer main bearings are sort of difficult. I am looking for part 13315-MB6-680, pink and 13314-MB6-680, yellow bearings. Silver does not have them, nor does CMSNL.

Hi Kajaani,These parts are no longer available from Honda.However you can use 13315-mb6-003and 13314-mb6-003 instead.These main bearings are available and I have used them with no issues.Regards BIF

Hi from sunny Australia

It’s going to be fairly warm here today, around +40C, the hottest we have had here this summer so far is +46C !

Back to your question Kajaani, I also came to the same conclusion as Bif with the bearings on my FE engine, when you look at it the difference in the thickness of the different colours they are only microscopic.

However if you want to chase up the originals these guys have quite a lot of NOS Honda parts


They have a parts list you can download and check, it looks like they have two of the 13314-MB-680 available.


OK, thanks for the info. The differences are small, but since the engine is in parts, I try to do everything by the book… I have owned the F2 for 5 years today, and now I plan to do the R engine as well as I can. I check first the NZ link, if correct bearings are not found, then I follow BIF’s advice.

( too hot in Australia :wink: )

Sorry Pekka, my mistake, Kajaani is the town in Finland where you live.

You’re right it is too hot here at the moment! It’s better in winter when it is around 15-20C

It did take me quite a while to track down all the correct bearings for my engine, I found some at Econohonda in NZ, some from D Silver and managed to find the last ones at a local Honda dealer in their old stock section.

It may be worth checking with Service Honda in the US as well
If you email your part numbers they can check if they are actually available.

Also search under old part numbers if they are superseded as sometimes they are still listed that way

Good Luck!

No worry, our language is a bit different. Usually foreign people think that I am female, because the last letter of my first name is a, and that indicates female in surprisingly many languages.
Thanks for good words, I believe, that I have found all others, except the 13315-MB6-680, and if that can be replaced with the 003-version, no problem. One maybe silly question: when I order one bearing what do I get ? I assume that I need for example two bearings for each conrod, am I right ? One means one, not pair ?


My apologies Pekka for getting your name wrong tho’ I had no doubt you are a guy.You are correct when you say one means one and not a pair.All the best BIF

No problems with name, not at all. And thanks for the info, now I shall begin to order, let’s see how it goes…