YAY !! Mobile again.

Eventually got the old girl back on the road last week. Just in time for the weather to turn to poo :’( , start of winter which will now carry on until about September.
Couple of questions -
Gear change, mine is a lot smoother going down than up. Up changes are ok if you go nice and slow and deliberate otherwise it’s a bit clonky. Are they all like that ? Clutch is nice and firm, not been touched while I’ve had it. Worth changing fluid and checking plates ?
The 20km run to work in crappy weather means it’s not getting warm. Anything I can do to get her running a bit warmer ? Hopefully I can give her a good long run a couple of times a month.
Is it worth changing oil sooner with it running cold ?
I normally run an old clunker over winter which generally survives a minimalist approach to maintainance. Unfotunately, now the VF IS the clunker ;D

Has the bike got a working thermostat? that would stop it from warming up properly.

Definitely flush the clutch fluid with fresh stuff.

What state are you in?

Hopefully get a decent run tomorrow and then will inspect further if I need to. All pipework is getting hot so suspect sender or gauge could be dodgy.
I’m over in NZ (Wellington), currently suffering from an influx of bleedin’ aussie weather ;D

Looks like temp is fine. Had a decent run the other day and gauge went up a bit in traffic then settled back down again.
Took chain off to give it a good clean and it’s pretty worn with back sprocket just starting to hook so new kit will be getting fitted in next couple of weeks. Also the cush drive rubbers are shot, hopefully with all that sorted the gearchange should improve.