Zinc corrosion or..?

Hi guys,
what a bad surprise when stripping off the fairing of my rf.
Nearly all srews, holders, collars, you name it, are covered with white stains, it looks devastating!
I guess that this could be a result of using the wrong cleaner or of an insufficient rinse of the parts which are lying under the fairing.
there is a good ventilation in my shed but of course i have a lot of humidity when there are strong temperature changes in it. I then take of the blankets off my bikes and leave doors and window open.
Is that zinc corrosion?
No problems on my 2019 Speed triple.
Has anybody out there an idea , how i can refurbish these parts?
Not all of them are still available but if necessary I´m going to buy what will be needed.
Thank you and best wishes!


Any pictures