An owner's confession

After some three years of ownership, and some 30,000 km, I am retiring my VF.

Having had some recent issues, which I had aired here, but sorted, I considered my long term ownership and decided I needed something different.

I can do most jobs myself in terms of maintenance and upkeep, but time is the major factor. When I was recently without the VF for a while, not only was it hard to get someone to work on the bike, the reduced options for where to send it meant severe difficulty logistically.

Plus, I do like the odd track day and can’t afford another bike in the stable at the moment so that was also a factor.

Anyway, my point in airing this here is that there actually a few choice bits on the bike that might be of interest to some forum members, bearing in mind it was my daily driver till last Friday. There’s the likes of the fork brace, the gold nitrided stanchions, Wilbers springs, custom Wilbers 641 shock (H&L speed compression damping, remote reservoir, hydraulic preload adjuster), custom single seat unit, solo footrest hangers, Daughtery Motorsports 17" wheel conversion kit, etc. There is also an adapter set up to allow the FF tail unit to take the 1000R tail lights, all of which is there. That’s before getting into the engine internals which include a top end oiling kit and hard-nitrided cams etc.

I had a notion of passing it on to a local breaker here to allow them to sit on it long enough for anyone interest to make contact and get hold of whatever takes their fancy. I don’t have the time or space to part it out.

If there was an interest, I’d be happy to pass on the details of the breaker, to allow people to pursue. I’d not be involved in any way, but it might give the breaker some peace of mind to take it on, if he knew there was some demand.

There’s pics and some detail here:

Let me know what people think.

PS, I have gone back to my green side, with a 2014 Z1000sx. It is epic.


Hi ascalon,
PM sent.