VF1000 FF - Customised


Here’s my FF in its current incarnation.

Latest additions are a Lithium battery and red rubber grease on the brakes :slight_smile:


Latest addition: Adelin radial master cylinder.


Hi ascalon, your vf is looking very tidy, ive been concidering trying a lithium battery myself, how are you finding it, is there any noticeable improvements over say a motobat, and what amperage did you go for ?.


Thanks Pete.

To be honest, it is tatty up close, but I’m still happy with the overall effect.

The XRacer battery seems to be working fine. However, I had installed a new stator and a new reg/rec from David Silvers. I did have one mystery drain, but it seems to have been very reliable since. I got it from a local place where we just looked up the spec from the old battery (Yuasa) and they handed me one and that was it.

It’s an X-Raceer Lithium 6 - CCA:** 290 Ampere



Thanks ascalan, they sound good, ill look into it further when my motobats die,


Fancy coming over in May for a bit of a tour in Scotland?


Would love to, but May is looking a bit sticky. Might be traveling for work. Will have to make a decision closer to time.


Where did that seat cowl come from?